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We make a variety of white label products and speciality products as per customer requests.
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Smokable CBD Concentrate 
Daily Dose, Oral CBD tincture
Vape Juice with CBD
CBD Gummy Candy
CBD Infused Chocolate
Topical creams and lotions
CBD infused snacks
Smokable CBD
Broad Spectrum Smokable CBD:  Nothing but CBD crystalized and ready to smoke.  No adulteration, no additives, no nothing except healthy beneficial CBD.  

CBD cartridges: prefer the ease and convenience of a vape pen, that is not a problem.  Cartridges filled with CBD are ready to be screwed onto your pen base.  
CBD daily dose
Perfect fit for our busy lives.  CBD Daily Dose provides a quick, easy, and tasty way of taking CBD.  We start with high quality and high potency CBD distillate.  That is combined with the Omega-3 rich MCT Oil and a variety of yummy flavors.  
In order to get the maximum benefits from CBD, the entourage affect is required.  This is why we, unlike most companies, use CBD distillate.  In means that you get lots of CBD and a little bit of CBG, CBN, and less than 0.2% THC (or ZERO THC depending on the option chosen)

Daily Dose bottles standardly come with:
     250mg CBD
    500mg CBD
   1000mg CBD

CBD Daily Dose Flavors:
     Orange Raspberry
     Raspberry Hazelnut
     Cherry Hazelnut
     Cherry Lime
     Almond Raspberry 
CBD Gummy Candy
Gummy candy is a yummy and easy way to consume CBD.  Our gummy CBD candy comes in a variety of different flavors and colors so it is always fun to eat and to share with friends.  You can choose between cute little bears and fun to squish squares.  
SOLD OUT!  CBD Vape Juice
If you love to vape then this is a great option for consuming CBD.  Absorbing CBD through the lungs is the most fast acting and most effective way of consuming CBD.  In order to enjoy our vape juice you'll need  

CBD Vape Juice  comes standardly with:
     250mg CBD
     500mg CBD
     1000mg CBD

Our CBD vape juices come in the many yummy flavors.  Email us to find out what is in stock.  This product goes fast, so the inventory is always changing.
CBD Hard Candy and Lollipops
When you want to be sure that you consume your CBD at a leisurely pace and you're in the mood for a sweet treat, this is the product for you.  Lollipops or single serving hard candies infused with CBD are the perfect way to induge your sweet tooth while giving your body the CBD that it craves.  
! ! ! Coming Soon ! ! ! 
CBD infused Chocolate
Let us know if you are interested so we can send you samples! 
If you love them you can pre-order and be the first to receive the next big thing.
! ! ! Coming Soon ! ! ! With over 30 years of happy customers return for more of this chocolate it has finally been infused with CBD.  We are lucky enough to have been given to secret recipe that millions of people have enjoy.  Now it is just a little bit more delicious with the smooth chocolate flavor plus the CBD melting in your mouth all at once.  
! ! !COMING SOON! ! ! 
CBD +vitamin rich Gummies & Fruit leather with CBD
Let us know if you are interested so we can send you samples! 
If you love them you can pre-order and be the first to receive the next big thing.

Once the Quince are ripe in September we will be able to start full scale production of our sugar free CBD +vitamin rich gummies.  The quince adds naturally occurring dietary fiber, vitamin C, zinc, iron, and potassium plus the infused CBD.  
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