What is Hemp and Why use CBD
Different Hemp CBD Extraction Products
Below are some basic pictures and explanations of different types 
The raw plant material grown on the hemp plant that is harvested and dried.    
Primary extraction, also can formed into Shatter
Products made from leaves or flowers in which the cannabinoids are removed by using different extraction methods.   The extracted product contains 50% to 75% cannabinoids.

Full spectrum products are CBD products that contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids that are produced on the plant including levels of THC.  These cannabinoids work together to allow greater therapeutic benefits for the user.    


Distillate is a product made after a base extraction is performed.  The base extraction product is further distilled to purify the cannabinoids to the 90% to 98% range.

Broad Spectrum Distillate,          Zero THC

Zero THC products are Distillate CBD products where the THC has been completely removed and the CBD content significantly increased to 80%-95%  

Our Broad Spectrum products are products where the THC has been totally removed but still contains multiple cannabinoids other than CBD.  For example, it might also have CBDV or CBG.    


Isolate products where only the CBD molecule remains in its pure form in concentrations of 99% to 99.9%