Why GPSolution should be your preferred source of CBD products

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in the hemp plant as well as, in smaller amounts, in the cannabis plant.  

CBD Hemp is a plant in the cannabis sativa genus that grows as a bush with many branches and multiple flower sites. This type of hemp produces CBD in much higher levels than Fiber Hemp, generally in 10% to 20% range.  The primary use for this plant is for flower it produces.  It has huge potential for use as extraction material.  Each CBD Hemp plant not only yields more flower, it also produces larger amounts of other cannabinoids such as CBC, CBGA, CBDV and CBN.  Originally, the CBD hemp plant yielded some THC (the main intoxicating element in marijuana), but we have now been able to breed the THC out of the plant.  Our genetics yield plants that produce no more than .3% THC which is the maximum amount of THC which can be present to be considered a CBD hemp plant.   

Fiber Hemp is a plant in the cannabis sativa genus that grows a large stem with no branches and produces a single flower at the top of the plant.  While this plant does produce CBD, it yields CBD in low levels - usually in the 3% to 8% range.  The primary use for this plant is for its fiber, not for the cannabinoids. 

While many focus on the cannabinoid CBD, there are many other cannabinoids present in our products.  We use Broad Spectrum CBD distillate in our products.  This means that our products have a spectrum of cannabinoids, which makes the product more bioavailable and allows for the benefits of the entourage effect .  We provide Zero THC products.   The THC  that is naturally present in the original processed CBD is specifically  remove while still leaving other cannabinoids along with the CBD.  We will provide you with laboratory testing results as an assurance that the product is THC free.

Our plant material is grown at farm and our processing is performed at facilities licensed in the State of Oregon.  We maintain higher standards than those required under the rules and regulations of the State of Oregon.

We look forward to fulfilling your needs for CBD products.